Homebuilder solutions

GeoLens gets your entire team — land, sales, construction, customer care, and partners — on the same page. Our system enables online collaboration, project archives, real time analysis, and efficient project management built around location-based workflows.

Our SaaS solutions allow home-builders to make smarter, data-driven decisions by improving their operational insights and streamlining management to increase revenue, save time, and minimize risk.

Land Developer Solutions

Escalating land costs, tighter regulations and increasing competition are the new normal for land developers. Staying on track and avoiding delays are key to staying ahead of the competition.

GeoLens equips your team with the tools need to keep your project on track from day one and avoid unnecessary delays. Our platform improves deal flow and execution by coordinating stakeholders and municipalities, identifying risks, and providing new sales insights to maximize ROI.

Community Solutions

Is your community faced with the challenges of managing fixed revenues, minimizing risk, and maintaining happy constituents? Do you have an accurate picture of what you own, what is happening with your resources and assets, and your expected future expenditures?

GeoLens gives community owners the real time tools to address these issues head on by putting communities on track to be more sustainable — financially and environmentally.