It’s time to say GOODBYE to your old, unproductive ways of working and HELLO to GeoLens, a better way to manage real estate projects.

Are you a victim of outdated systems and processes when managing your real estate projects? Do you rely on disconnected emails, spreadsheets, and project scheduling software to manage your projects? 

Let’s pull your team out of its unproductive way of working and bring new life to your project productivity.   

GeoLens Real Estate Project Management

GeoLens delivers a centralized solution to keep your projects running smoothly. Our platform streamlines your projects’ ongoing documents, data, and communication in one place – centered around your project’s location on a map. Here’s why GeoLens is better than the status quo:


Reason 1: Better Collaboration

GeoLens replaces the need for unnecessary team emails and provides real time map-based collaboration. You can empower your entire team to work smarter and faster with map-based workflows including status updates, issue tracking, comments, and tasks.


Reason 2: Better Information

Go beyond static data on a spreadsheet.  GeoLens delivers real-time project information on interactive maps.  Manage your project files online through your project maps and tags, breaking free from the traditional folder abyss.  


Reason 3: Better Teamwork

Get everyone on the same page. You can create custom projects with specific tasks, map overlays, and files, and invite key team members and partners. No more outdated spreadsheets, paper documents, and the headaches of tracking down old files in emails.  Get real-time updates from the field, viewing comments and issues directly on your project maps.  Show your team exactly what needs to be done, and where.