2018-05-22 Basemap Release with Task Attachments

Basemap has been updated with several new features to help you keep projects moving forward and make collaboration with others even easier. Here are the highlights:

You can now attach Project Files to your Tasks. A single Task can have multiple files attached and one file can appear on multiple tasks in the project. Your project always has just one copy of the file or document, ensuring that everyone is working from the same information.

Project team members can share multiple files at once without having to first tag files or create a FileRoom. Just select the Project Files you want to share, set an expiration date for the shared files, and Basemap creates a private URL for those files to be accessed. You can even choose recipients and a message to have Basemap send a notification.

Basemap has always let you export the data from your Project Map into an Excel workbook. In addition to many small formatting improvements, the map exports now include the following data for each map feature —

  • The timestamp the feature was created
  • The timestamp it was last updated
  • An area, in square feet (for Polygon/Area features)
  • A length, in linear feet (for Line features)
  • Latitude & Longitude — Location of the feature for points, and centerpoint for Line and Polygon features.

As always, please reach out to basemap.help@geolens.biz if you have any questions.