Manage Your Project's Task List

In a project with lots of open Tasks, it's important to be able to quickly filter and find the Tasks that are most important to you. Basemap offers three options that work together to give you complete control over the Tasks displayed in your list.

These three interface controls are:

  1. You can toggle between "All Tasks" for your project and "My Tasks" (only the tasks that are assigned to you). In each case, the toggle will work in coordination with the other two options below.
  2. You can click this dropdown menu to select between showing all Incomplete Tasks (the default) and showing other lists, including: Overdue, Due Soon, Completed, Recently Completed, and All Tasks.
  3. The Search input will search the currently displayed list of tasks (based on the two options above) and display only tasks that have text matching your search input. All of the task's fields are searched, including the name, description, and due date.

Using all three options together, you can quickly track down specific tasks or combinations of tasks.

As always, reach out to Basemap Support with any questions.