2018-02-19 - Basemap Release & Task Assignments

Basemap was updated last night with a variety of features, fixes, and changes. Here's a partial list of what's new:

  • You can now assign Tasks in your Project to other users creating a new task, and then quickly re-assign Tasks from the Project's Task List. All of the users allowed to view and modify data on your Project will appear in the Assignment list.
  • You can view a task's history by clicking the "i" Info icon that appears when hovering the mouse over a Task item in the project list. This history will show when the Task was created, as well as its full history of changed assignments over time and when it was marked as completed.
  • When viewing your Project's Task list, you can toggle between viewing All Tasks for the Project, or only "My Tasks" — those that are assigned to you.
  • We fixed an issue with Excel exports from the map that occurred if your map layer names had certain special characters that Excel doesn't allow worksheet names.
  • A message is now displayed at the top of a public FileRoom page, letting team members and Contributors know they can log in to view the full project and upload files to the FileRoom, respectively.
  • Improved the user interface for users who are allowed to create new Projects for more than one Organization. It's now more clear which Organization will own the Project you're creating.
  • We made several changes under the hood that will let us deliver a number of new features for your Project Task lists in the coming weeks.

As always, reach out to Basemap support with any questions!