How to Upload and Tag Files

To upload a new file to Basemap, you can either drag and drop the file directly onto the project Files page, or click the Upload File icon in the upper right corner of the page to open the Upload Files panel.


In the Upload Files panel, any files you dragged and dropped to upload are already listed. You can also choose and add more files by clicking the blue Select Files button to choose files from your computer, or drag and drop files directly onto the Upload Files panel. If you click the Select Files button, you can hold down CTRL (CMD on macOS) when clicking files to select more than one, while dragging and dropping multiple files at once from your computer is also supported.

Once your files are selected, you can also apply Tags to the files as part of the upload process. Type the Tag names into the Tags input, press TAB to select Tags from the suggestions, and the Tag is confirmed by turning into a blue rectangle. You can add as many tags as you like in this step, but remember that any tags you add here are applied to all files being uploaded. You can always add and remove tags from files later.

Once any desired Tags are selected, you can upload all files in the list at once or upload them individually. Using the Upload 1 File button lets you upload a file, change your selected Tags, and then upload additional files. Clicking the Upload All button uploads all selected files at once, applying the selected Tags. Remove files from the upload list with the yellow Clear All button or remove individual files using the blue Remove button next to each. 

After uploading your files, the panel will close and return you to the page you were previously on, with all uploaded files now visible in your project.