Finding and Organizing Files with Tag Filtering

On the project Files page, you can filter and find your project's files based on their Tag. Start by toggling the Show Tags option in the upper-right corner to reveal the tags beneath each file. Next, activate the Tag sidebar by clicking the small arrow in the upper left part of the page.


The resulting page includes a sidebar with all project's Tags listed either alphabetically or by usage, and each file on the page will show any assigned Tag below the filename.


When you click on a blue Tag in the sidebar, the list of files will be filtered to include only those files that have been assigned that Tag (regardless of whether it also has other Tags). The interface in the sidebar also changes to mimic a traditional folder hierarchy. You'll see the first Tag you clicked at the top (with an "X" to remove it from the filter), and beneath that you'll see additional Tags that can be found on your filtered list of files. If you've diligently tagged your uploaded documents, this arrangement lets you quickly "drill down" to the specific files you need.

Clicking the "X" next to any Tag, in either the sidebar or the "breadcrumbs" navigation above the files list, will remove that Tag from the current filter. 


In the example above, the "SCREENSHOT" tag was selected first. Once selected, the files list on the right shows the documents with the "SCREENSHOT" tag applied. Notice that the documents also contain other tags in this view. To further narrow the list of files, click on another blue tag.


In the above image,  the "TAG-FILTERING" Tag is clicked and the files list now shows documents that contain both the "SCREENSHOT" and "TAG-FILTERING" tags. From here, click on the "X" to the right of a tag to go back a step. Unlike with traditional folders, you can filter files with Tags in any order. While "SCREENSHOT" was the first of the two Tag filters in this example, clicking the "X" next to it will remove it from the filter and leave the list filtered to the "TAG-FILTERING" Tag alone.

Pro Tip: At any time that a Tag filter is active, you can create a new project FileRoom by clicking the "Create FileRoom" button next to the breadcrumb navigation Tags (below).
 See the 'Create a FileRoom' post to walk-through the rest of the workflow.

See the 'Create a FileRoom' post to walk-through the rest of the workflow.

To reset the project Files page so that it displays all files, you can click the "X" in each filtered Tag, or click the "Clear" link at the top of the sidebar.

When a Tag filter is active, you can also drag and drop files from your computer on to the filtered page to add those files to your project, with filtered Tags automatically assigned to the new files. In the example below, I have dropped three new files into the filtered Tag page for upload. These new files have the "SCREENSHOT" and "TAG-FILTERING" Tags applied already in the Upload interface. At this point, before adding the files, I can add additional Tags that apply to the new files before completing the process. See below: