Easily Share Project Files with Others

Throughout Basemap, the Share lets you quickly share any file in your project with others — the recipient doesn't even need to have a Basemap account to receive the file(s).


Clicking on the icon opens file sharing panel, which provides two ways to share a file:

  1. Share Public URL — This method provides a unique URL that you can give to others and, when visited, allows them to download the file you're sharing.
  2. Share via Email — Sharing via email lets you specify the people who should have access to the file you're sharing.

Let's look at each in more detail.

 The dialogue opens automatically in the Share via Email tab.

The dialogue opens automatically in the Share via Email tab.

Share Public URL generates a public URL for a file, which you can copy to your system clipboard to share via email, IM messages, in documents, and more. Start by checking the box that reads "Allow access to _______ via Public URL?" to enable the feature, then click the link button to copy the URL to your clipboard. You can set an optional expiration date for your shared file, after which the URL will no longer allow access to the file. Finally, click the blue Save button to make the public URL active for use. 

To share a file via an email message sent from Basemap, provide the recipient's email address (or multiple addresses separated by comma), and optionally include a message, specify an expiration date for access to the file, and send a copy to yourself if desired. For security purposes, and to ensure that large files don't get filtered out by email systems, the email that's sent does not include the file as an attachment. Rather, a link to the file is provided in the email message. If an expiration date was specified, the link will stop working after that date.


From here you can paste [CTRL+V] the link wherever you like (personal email, slack, etc...). When the receipient clicks on the link, the resulting page looks like this:

  Click on the file name to download

Click on the file name to download

Be aware that your internet browser may be setup to open certain file types (usually pdfs, images, etc...) If a recipient clicks on the file name and another window or tab of your browswer displays the file, right click that file and select "Save As..." to download to your local machine

You can always tell if a file has been shared publicly by the 'Shared' icon on the Files page. See below: