Adding Files to a Project FileRoom

FileRooms are a great way to organize and share your projects and with the recent updates to Basemap, adding files to your project FileRooms is easier than ever. There are several ways to start the process of adding files to an existing FileRoom.

1. From the list of FileRooms, click the "+" action icon to the left of your FileRoom's name.


2. From within a FileRoom, you can use the "+" action icon at the top-left of the page.


3. Also within a FileRoom, you can drag and drop files from your computer on to the FileRoom's page in the same was as you can on the main Files page.

Regardless of which way you start the process, the interface for adding files to the FileRoom is the same. You'll see that it's divided into two parts — 

The "Project Files" tab lets you add files that are already in your Basemap Project to your FileRoom. As with the Files list for your project, you can click the column headers to sort the files, use the Search box to quickly find matching files, and you can use the checkboxes at the bottom to choose which of your FileRoom's Tags you want to apply to files you're adding. Check the "Select" checkbox to the left of the file(s) you want to add, then click Save to apply those Tags and save your changes.

The "Upload New Files" tab lets you add new files to your Project and Tag them for your FileRoom in one step. This is also the interface you'll see if you drag and drop files from your computer on to the FileRoom page. Or, use the "Select Files" button to select the file(s) from your computer you want to add. Notice that the Tag(s) for your FileRoom have already been selected in the interface.

Click "Upload All" to upload the files from your computer to the project and the Tag(s) you've selected will be applied to those files at the same time.

Don't forget that you can also modify your FileRoom to allow outside contributors to upload files, you can generate a unique public URL to allow access to files, and you can share your FileRoom's contents with others via email.