Need Help? Basemap Now Has Built-in Walkthrough Tips

Basemap now includes helpful walkthroughs and tips for the most frequently-used pages in the application. At the top of the following pages, the main navigation area now includes a "Help" option:

  • My Projects
  • Project Files
  • FileRooms
  • Map
  • Tasks
  • Project Settings (visible to Project Owners)
 The Help option is found at the top-right corner of many pages within Basemap.

When you click that "Help" link, Basemap will highlight and explain key features on the current page. These are presented with explanations and tips that you can step forward/backwards through to learn about each page's features.

To navigate through the walkthrough, you can click the "Next" or "Back" buttons — or use the left and right arrow buttons on your keyboard.

To close the walkthrough, you can click any non-highlighted area on the page or hit the ESCape key on your keyboard.