2017-11-23 - Basemap Release

Here's a rundown of the updates we released to Basemap this week:

  • There is now a "Help" link at the top of most pages in the site, including your list of Projects, project Files, FileRooms, Map, Tasks, and Project Settings. When you click that, you'll see a dynamic walkthrough that highlights and explains the key features and options on each page. Let us know what you think, and whether there are additional details you'd like to see in the walkthroughs.
  • When viewing the list of your project's FileRooms, you can now see the date the FileRoom was created and the user who created it. Those columns can also be used to sort the list and to search/filter the FileRooms to find what you're looking for.
  • When adding files to a FileRoom, you can now make changes/selections on multiple files in the list (from the existing files in your project).
  • We've updated the user interface that lets you remove multiple files from a FileRoom (by updating the files to no longer include the FileRoom tags).
  • A few other minor issues were addressed that impact when certain actions are disabled/enabled based on your selected files.

We're continuing to improve Basemap by improving existing features, and adding many new features based on user requests. As always, feel free to reach out with any questions or suggestions — basemap.help@geolens.biz